We offer a range of services and also work with our professional network of experts on each of the areas to ensure the best results to you, the customer.




We raise interest and affinity for your product among the targeted audience.


Rapid increase in subscriptions for your portal.


Post- acquisition actions to optimize conversion rates.


Own tools in order to improve your sending reputation, improving open rates and to improve your conversions.


Integration with social media to qualitatively boost ratings within all social networks your company may operate in.


Own database of users and direct collaboration with affiliate platforms.





A pay per click (cpc) campaign allows the customer to know at all times what the return on investment to make is and a great and safe branding opportunity for any brand.


We are experts in analyzing, designing, planning and optimizing campaigns Search Engine Marketing (SEM) through Google Adwords.


At all times carrying a control of the budget provided by the customer.


Organization of proposed bills and keywords, placements and ads.


Results-focused campaigns (pay per conversion)


Performance reports for each campaign in order to optimize the campaign to get the greatest return.


Retargeting actions to improve the return.


Optimizing landing pages and websites to improve conversions.


Triggerfish Media is a qualified Google Adwords Agency.



We identify those keywords which bring greater value to your business and position you high in Google.



Get visibility in search engines.


We design a SEO strategy for your portal.


Recognition of potential keywords for your business.


We increase the volume of visitors.


We enhance your website conversions, improving ROI.


Identification and brand recognition.


Link building Implementation Strategy.


Optimizing your website to a strategy based on SEO.


Monthly report of the results.




We direct and plan the presence of your website in the principle social networks and blogs (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google +, WordPress, …) designing a Social Media strategy tailored to the needs of your brand, product or service.


We listen to and analyze the users input.


We increase your audience on a segmented basis.


We identify and approach the influential people in specific online communities to create a greater credibility of your brand.


We monitor and control the results and rates of interaction.


We improve the online reputation of your brand.



Increase your results through comprehensive analysis of all areas of influence.
 Get the best results from your web traffic: get sales and improve ROI.


 CRM management experts and email delivery platform.


 Optimizing your site through web analytics.


 Improved conversion landing pages.


 Developing unique content related to your site to improve conversion.


 We use our vision and experience to work the collection and analysis to define improvements in SEO and PPCcampaigns.


 Triggerfish Media has the expertise to analyze and make improvements to websites and all online marketing activities.


 Triggerfish Media is an agency with a certificate qualified in Google Analytics.